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About us

ESWA is a UK registered Diaspora Charity established 1991 by groups of women from Nigerian Home Town Associations in the UK.  After several years of working with our community in London and in Edo State, Nigeria; ESWA focus now is on the underprivileged small scale  women entrepreneur  and young people living in Edo State, Niger … Continue reading About us

Edo State Women Association Nursery

Support us

individual supporters – partners: ESWA receives regular monthly donation’s  from individuals.  We call these people, partner members. They simply give instruction to their banks and set up a standing order to our UK Natwest Bank (Account No: 13931571 sort code: 60-12-02)or our Nigerian First Bank (Account No: 3024217610). This kind of support really makes a … Continue reading Support us


ESWA Programmes

In the past years, ESWA has received and managed various small grants in the UK to run projects for our local community in London UK and in Edo State, Nigeria. ESWA has created, developed and completed several projects, including but not limited to: weekly youth clubs for children in the UK, to a string of … Continue reading ESWA Programmes


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If you want to contact us ,leave us a comment below or link up with us on our Facebook page. Please express your purpose in the comment box.