Lets Build Wakanda Together!

With the recent (and greatly deserved) success of the Black Panther movie, it is very apparent that there is a real thirst in the African Diaspora to re-connect with their African roots. The films’ incorporation of Africa traditions and cultures captivated audiences, as well as, us here at ESWA. What makes this more personal for ESWA is that our projects are predominantly based in what would now have been Benin kingdom, the same Benin Kingdom which was mentioned (twice) in the Black Panther movie.

Currently we aim to gather valuable support and create awareness of ESWA projects in America, to further raise funds for our projects in Nigeria. Our primary objective is to ensure low-income women have a fair opportunity to become economically empowered, essentially creating the “American Dream” concept in the Edo State of Nigeria.

We can all appreciate how difficult it can be to start up your own business in the western world. However, statistics show small business owners in Africa struggle significantly more – 80% of small businesses fail in Nigeria due to many factors such as lack of resources and guidance.

ESWA E-WISE program (empowering women into sustainable earnings) will play a key role in providing the ideal support for petty traders in the process of transitioning into legitimate small business entrepreneurs. The program will provide financial literacy training, business mentoring, and business loans in order to set up cooperatives that will produce services needed by the community.

So lets take steps to build “Wakanda” in real life by providing the resources business need to drive the continent forward. If you like the sound of ESWA E-WISE program and would like to support or find out more click here.