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Economic Empowerment for Women

Economic Empowerment for Women

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Individual supporters – partners:

ESWA receives regular monthly donation’s  from individuals.  We call these people, partner members.

They simply give instruction to their banks and set up a standing order to our UK Natwest Bank (Account No: 13931571 sort code: 60-12-02)or our Nigerian First Bank (Account No: 3024217610).

This kind of support really makes a huge difference in our work, it enable us to manage and direct resources into programmes as needed.

If you are a UK tax payer we can get an additional 25% from the government on top of your donation. For example  if you donate £100 to ESWA – We claim Gift Aid of 25% from UK government to make your donation £125 at no extra cost to you.

Please support us today.

donate a ONE-OFF amount or set up a standing order of £2 or more to our UK natwest bank account no: 13931571 sort: 60-12-02

buy ticket and attend our champagne high tea event which sometime offer more unique activities.

invest in our lending operation for a good % return. CLICK HERE TO EXPRESS YOUR INTEREST.

sign up to our membership – offering your skills to the service of edo indigene. CLICK HERE to EXpress Your interest.  

OUR Supporters over the PAST YEARS:

  • In 2015 with donation from Christ Church (C of E), London, UK. ESWA now have a qualified Pediatric First Aid Instructor.
  • 2015, a newly established recruiting firm; Home Angels Nig. Ltd has chosen ESWA as its social cooperate commitment.
  • 2013 with grant support from London Borough of Harrow we trained 30 women on financial literacy using Made of Money modules.
  • 2012 with grant support from NHS we offer Healthy Eating (African Food) in Rayners Lane Estate, Harrow.
  • 2010 with lending capital secure through London Rebuilding Society, ESWA launched and now running its UK savings/lending scheme for working mothers.
  • 2009  Implementation partner; enterprise training programme for market women in Benin City. funded by UNDP.
  • 2005 with grant support from the French Embassy Nigeria ‘social development funds’, ESWA built and now running a  crèche / nursery facility for low income working mothers in Benin City.
  • 2000 to 2009 ESWA received and manage various small grants in the UK to run projects for our local community in London UK and in Edo State, Nigeria.